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Blend the City: Langa

Stroll. Feast. Zumba.


Starting from*:

Two-Experience Half Day: R1,750 p.p. by Card or EFT | or | $160 p.p. by PayPal

Three-Experience Half Day or Full Day: R2,100 p.p. by Card or EFT | or | $190 p.p. by PayPal
* above prices apply to immersion tour with 6+ PAX


A private township immersion tour with Langa’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Designed with the aspirational and responsible leisure traveler in mind, this immersion tour is for anyone yearning to discover and enjoy the uniqueness of the townships and directly financially contribute to the change-makers tucked away at the fringes of the city. It’s your chance to interact meaningfully with the awesome, imaginative, industrious people residing in Langa, transforming the community from the inside. Sorry—you won’t be doing shallow, hasty visits to “attractions” frequented by tourists more than local residents—edible sheep head stands, traditional-healer stores, pseudo-taverns. Instead, you get inspiration through a diverse ‘blend’ of entrepreneurs and experiences from different sectors.

Your Options

- Private Tours Only: For one party/account only.
- Instant Book: Secure your booking now with online reservation & payment
- Available: 7 Days a Week.
- 6 Half-Day Tours to choose from.
- 2 Full-Day Tours to choose from.
- Transport can be included or excluded
- Customization Requests are welcomed.

Premium Features

Immersive, interactive & experiential itinerary, involving the guests and safely taking them off the beaten track on the walk
Guide who is fun, NYU-educated, Xhosa-speaking social entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs with high-quality products/services and exceptionally inspiring stories of triumph
• Includes Lunch
• Includes Transport
• Includes candid HD Photoshoot / Videography



Book Your Tour

Booking Instructions: ... (click to expand) Step 1: Reserve your slot by selecting your tour variation of choice and following the prompts in the pop-up window.
— You will receive a Reservation Confirmation email containing your Reservation Code, which you must specify at Step 2.

Step 2: Complete our Intake Form, which only takes a minute, and allows us to start preparing your tour.

Step 3: Pay to secure the booking utilizing either
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(B) Bank Transfer (EFT)
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(C) PayPal
(18-36% more expensive)

By purchasing a tour ticket, you directly financially contribute to promising entrepreneurs, and create awareness of their important work, thereby helping socio-economically blend a highly divided city.

Step 1: Reserve

PLEASE NOTE: Drop-down prices below are 2019 prices and are valid through 2019/12/31. 2020 prices are simply increased by 4.7%, in keeping with inflation.



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(C) PayPal

PayPal USD Dollar Price = ZAR Rand Price ÷ 11

For ZAR Rand Prices, see drop-down lists @ Step 1 above, or view the 2019 Pricing Table / the 2020 Pricing Table

In the “Beneficiary Reference” box (EFT) / “Add a Note” box (PayPal) at checkout, please enter your Reservation Code (contained in the subject of your Reservation Confirmation email) + your Full Name (if booking directly) or Company Name (if reselling this tour).

Full-Day Itinerary

Have a closer look at what Tour [G] (full-day 9am-3/4pm) looks like…



Orientation: Get ready for the day

Conducted at the pick-up point, your SidebySide guide sets expectations for the day; covers safety & conduct; teaches handshakes and IsiXhosa greetings (formal and slang); does a check-in to sense where the guests' thinking and feeling is at; and conveys the company background, ethos, mission and vision.

Itinerary: ... (click to expand)
09h00 - 09h30 | Meet & Greet + Orientation @ participants’ hotel or home

09h30 - 10h00 | Travel to Langa
(including a visit to the entrepreneur’s place of work and/or residence)


Morning Experience: 'Walk Down Memory Lane’ Neighborhood Walking Tour

Seeing is believing. Visiting the sites where the entrepreneur’s personal transformation took place and hearing their stories is a powerful act. A walkabout through a neighborhood is, furthermore, a great way to start gaining an understanding of a contemporary township entrepreneur’s milieu and lifeworld, the challenges and the opportunities alike.

Morning Itinerary: ... (click to expand)
10h00 - 10h15 | Greeting + Icebreaker Activity

10h15 - 11h45 | ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ neighborhood walkabout
(including a visit to the entrepreneur’s place of work and/or residence)

11h45 - 12h00 | Grace/Free Time
(e.g. • discuss what you’ve just observed and experienced • take photos • exchange contacts)

• Numerous authentic stories told by the entrepreneur.
• Visit to the entrepreneur’s place of work and/or residence, amongst a handful of other pitstops.
• ‘Step-on, step-off’ Transportation Services
• Bottle of Water.

Most Likely Sector(s):
• Social Services & Social Justice
• Green Economy


Lunch: African Fusion Lunch with a Restaurant Founder

The most tender and zesty stories get shared over a meal. You’ll be floored by some of the stories our Food Business entrepreneurs have to tell.

Midday Itinerary: ... (click to expand)
12h00 - 12h15 | Travel to one of Langa’s outstanding restaurants

12h15 - 13h45 | Lunch + Stories from Restaurant’s founder

• Time with restaurant’s founder to converse and hear stories
• One item off the menu per person.

Sector(s) experienced:
• Food Business


Afternoon: African Zumba Class with Kids

No where else can you experience a Zumba class remixed for Africa, alongside a youth dance group. Try your hand (and foot) at some of the local styles: African Dance, Afro-Fusion, Kasi Jive, Pantsula, Kwela, Traditional Xhosa & Traditional Tswana. Prepare to break a sweat in this exhilarating aerobic experience.

Afternoon Itinerary: ... (click to expand)
13h45 - 14h00 | Travel to final Langa experience

14h00 - 14h15 | Greeting + Icebreaker Activity

14h15 - 15h15 | African Zumba Class with a youth dance group

15h15 - 15h30 | Grace/Free Time
(e.g. • Watch choreographed dance piece • play djembe drums • take photos • exchange contacts)

15h30 - 16h00 | Travel out of Langa + Drop-Offs

• PA System Hire
• Private Venue Hire
• African fabric and beads to optionally adorn yourself
• Youngsters from a local song-and-dance youth club whom you’ll be moving and grooving alongside.

Sector(s) experienced:
• Youth Development
• The Arts & Design

Wanting to tweek the programme?

It's FREE to customize your immersion tour! Thematize it to a certain sector or interest, mix and match, and swap out experiences as you like. We have an array of bespoke experiences available but not yet viewable on the site.

Contact us.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Your Guide

Jason Woolf

Jason was born in the U.S. shortly after his South African parents immigrated to the country. He designed his own degree at New York University called Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Revitalization, a degree with so much freedom that it allowed him to live in Khayelitsha—Cape Town’s largest township—for a year to build out Umbiyozo Foundation, the umbrella youth development organization he founded at age 17. Equipped thereafter with relative fluency in IsiXhosa, intimate knowledge of the townships, and heightened consciousness of a world and country with vast economic and cultural disparities, Jason is partnering with tourism to bridge worlds. ... (click to expand)
Jason has served numerous tourists ad hoc through Umbiyozo Foundation, but started officially guiding in 2017 once he became registered by the National Department of Tourism to guide throughout the Western Cape and Eastern Cape regions.

He feels that South Africa has the perfect blend of assets and opportunities to use tourism to become a model of global co-existence and poverty alleviation for the entire world. A nascent democracy, novel and authentic customs, and a vital, humble spirit are but a few of SA’s most special drawcards for visitors seeking to find and offer hope of a better, shared future.

Although living at home with his 95-year-old grandfather, he intends before long to move to Langa, Cape Town’s oldest township that leads the way in tourism. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing guitar and singing, playing tennis and basketball, hiking, and taking joyrides on his moped.
Personal Fast Facts
Entrepreneur, musician, event planner, tourist guide, cultural activist
• Dual citizen of USA and South Africa
Graduated cum laude from New York University Gallatin w/ self-designed B.A. degree in “Social Entrepreneurship & Cultural Revitalization”
... (click to expand)

Lived in Khayelitsha for a year in 2014/2015
Speaks isiXhosa semi-fluently
Umbiyozo Foundation built up over course of 7 tireless years
Featured by Global Citizen in 2017
Given a TEDx talk entitled, "Imagine a Culture Revitalized" in 2014
• Spoke at World Travel Market (WTM) Africa in 2019

Tour Guiding Fast Facts
... (click to expand)
Tourism company founded:
SidebySide Township Development Tours & Experiences
Other companies freelance guiding for:
ILIOS Travel
Tourist Guide Registration No.:
WC 10742
Western Cape & Eastern Cape
Guiding since:
2017 (officially), 2014 (unofficially)

Did you know…

Jason and SidebySide are actively seeking Langa entrepreneurs who are registered tourist guides to apply to guide on this immersion tour. If that’s you, apply here!



Langa, Cape Town, South Africa

Leisure:Work Scale.png



Min. 2
(If 1 PAX, he/she pays double)
Max. 50

PRICING NOTE: Tour Tickets are discounted depending on size of the group: ... (click to expand)
2 PAX:
| R2,250 p.p. Two-Experience Tour
| R2,700 p.p. Three-Experience Tour

3-5 PAX:
| R2,000 p.p. Two-Experience Tour
| R2,400 p.p. Three-Experience Tour

6+ PAX:
| R1,750 p.p. Two-Experience Tour
| R2,100 p.p. Three-Experience Tour

• Above prices include transport
• Tours excluding transport are slightly discounted.
• Prices are negotiable for tours with 10+ PAX

2 - Half-Day
3 - Half-Day (experiences shortened) |or| Full-Day

PICK-UP TIMES: ... (click to expand)

Half-Day AM
9:00 am - standardly
8:00 am - earliest
10:00 am - latest

Half-Day PM
12:00 pm - standardly
11:30 am - earliest
2:00 pm - latest

9:00 am - standardly
8:00 am - earliest
12:00 pm - latest (12 - 6/7pm option)

4-5 hours - Half-Day
6-7 hours - Full-Day


7 Days a Week


Yes. Take a look at the menu of one of our preferred small businesses, Jordan Ways of Cooking.

PRICE INCLUDES: ... (click to expand)
Guide (and Assistant Guide for 16+ PAX group)
HD candid photoshoot & footage of immersion tour on a Google Drive folder within 24 hours (Gear: Nikon D3500 + Smart Phone Gimbal)
• A financial contribution to each entrepreneur (sliding scale depending on the size of the tour group)
Pick-up & Drop-off from/to your accommodation (anywhere if Full-Day; Central location for Half-Day)
Bottled water
African Lunch incl. 1x beverage p/p
Umbrellas for rain or shade (when needed)
Amplification (when needed)
• Zumba Class Venue hire
E-connecting service (social media account & contact exchange)
PRICE EXCLUDES: ... (click to expand)
• Gratuity at Lunch
• Tip for your SidebySide Guide
• Additional tips for entrepreneurs / projects met
• Beer/wine with lunch (BYOB only—corkage fee applies)• Additional beverages and/or menu items
... (click to expand)

Please note that the Walk Down Memory Lane experience is best suited for children that would manage to walk for 2-3 km. However, we can easily modify the walking route or intermittently use the vehicle for clients needing it (e.g. young children and the elderly).

There is currently no discount available for children.
CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT: ... (click to expand)
• Comfortable clothing.
— Note: Avoid overly ostentatious attire (e.g. expensive jewellery), however, please do wear clothes that you feel proud of and confident in.

• Feel free to bring your iPhones and Galaxy’s, although your immersion tour does include photography/videography services so you can focus on enjoying!

You can read more info on what to bring for the:

Walking Tour


What's the difference between Scheduled and Private Tours?
Private Tours are for one party only and more costly than Scheduled Tours. Tickets onto Scheduled Tours are cheaper because you don't determine when the tour takes place (they run in regular intervals) nor who you'll share the bus with. SidebySide currently only offers Private Tours, but aims to offer Scheduled Tours before long, once we get a steady enough stream of tour enquiries.

What are SidebySide’s safety & security protocols?
For a more detailed resource, click here.

The link between your personal conduct and your safety & security is integral when navigating the townships. Demonstrating you know where you are through the utterance of few words like 'thanks' ("enkosi") and 'hello' ("molo"/"molweni") or slang like 'hey yo!'("eita" or "ola") and an appropriate handshake is highly important across the board, whether it be to an esteemed elder or unemployed youth hanging out on the streets.


Greeting people is a common form of respect! You can simply say “Molweni” to groups of people and “Molo” to a single person. SbS staff will teach some other isiXhosa basics during the tour.
  • SbS staff will show you different forms of hand shakes.
  • If offered something (e.g. tea), accept it even if you don’t actually want it—it’s a form of respect.
  • Greet (shake hands) and hand out things in order of age, from oldest to youngest.

Safety & Security
  • SidebySide regards and treats your safety and security as its top priority at all times.
  • Exercise vigilance and caution at all times, just as you would with any other urban area in Cape Town, which experiences high levels of crime. However:
    • Self-confidence and self-assuredness should also be exercised to demonstrate an understanding that the townships are, by and large, safe spaces to visit or operate in as non-residents.
    • There is no reason to be fearful when in the hands of SidebySide and our entrepreneurs.
  • Avoid overly ostentatious attire, however, please do wear clothes that you feel proud of and confident in.
  • Please leave behind any unnecessary valuables like laptops, jewellery, excessive amounts of money.

What sets a SidebySide Immersion Tour apart?
Entrepreneurial guides, HD photos/videos of YOU in action, roundtrip transport, & slow-paced interactions are our hallmarks. This in addition to the financial and in-kind benefits the entrepreneurs derive.

Totally unlike many conventional sightseeing tours where the tourist guide is virtually the only human you get to meaningfully interact with, a SidebySide Immersion Tour is centered around interaction and exchange with township entrepreneurs whom we make site visits to. The SbS guide merely serves as your friend in the townships, leading/introducing you to these inspiring individuals, lightly facilitating/contextualizing interaction to maximize enjoyment/impact, and ensuring your wellbeing/safety at all times.

When in the care of SidebySide, you can expect nothing but the highest level of professionalism and quality available in engaging with township entrepreneurs. Further, you can feel 100% assured that your wellbeing and safety will at no point in time be threatened—this even in spite of the high-level of immersiveness of your experience.

How does SidebySide foster development? Who develops and how?
SidebySide earmarks a certain amount of Tour proceeds as contributions to the entrepreneurs to assist the starting up their enterprises. At this stage where we ourselves are still starting up, the tip per entrepreneur coming from SidebySide is usually between R400-1200, depending on the size of the travelling group and the nature of the interaction. We highly encourage additional tips by our guests. Additional tips can be given directly to the entrepreneurs while you're with them, or given to your SidebySide guide at any stage and we'll pass along 100% of the money.

If you have never entered the townships before, there is, however, no doubt that it will be you, not the entrepreneur, who intellectually and spiritually grows the most.

What are SidebySide’s Terms and Conditions?
Terms and Conditions last updated 2019/06/03 and remain valid indefinitely into the future: