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Blend the City: Langa

Stroll. Feast. Zumba.

Starting from:

$160 / R1,750 p.p. - Half Day
$190 / R2,100 p.p. - Full Day


A private township immersion tour with Langa’s most inspiring entrepreneurs.

Designed with the aspirational and responsible leisure traveler in mind, this immersion tour is for anyone yearning to discover and enjoy the uniqueness of the townships and directly financially contribute to the change-makers tucked away at the fringes of the city. It’s your chance to interact meaningfully with the awesome, imaginative, industrious people residing in Langa, transforming the community from the inside. Sorry—you won’t be doing shallow, hasty visits to inauthentic “attractions” designed mostly for tourists—edible sheep head stands, traditional-healer stores, pseudo-taverns. Instead, you get inspiration through a diverse ‘blend’ of entrepreneurs and experiences from different sectors.


- Private: For one party/account only.
- Available: 7 Days a Week.
- Five Tour Options to choose from:

• Half-Day Morning: (4-5 hours)
Walk ➜ Lunch

• Half-Day Afternoon: (4-5 hours)
Lunch ➜ Zumba or
Lunch ➜ Walk

• Full-Day: (6-7 hours)
Walk ➜ Lunch ➜ Zumba (9am - 3/4pm) or
Lunch ➜ Zumba ➜ Walk (12 - 6/7pm)

Premium Features

Immersive, interactive & experiential itinerary, involving the guests and safely taking them off the beaten track on the walk
Guide who is fun, NYU-educated, Xhosa-speaking social entrepreneur
Entrepreneurs with high-quality products/services and exceptionally inspiring stories of triumph
• Includes Lunch
• Includes Transport
• Includes candid HD Photoshoot / Videography



Book Your Tour


Step 1: Reserve your slot by selecting your tour variation of choice and following the prompts in the pop-up window.
Step 2: Secure the booking by completing your payment via the PayPal widgets below.
(Alternatively pay in South African Rands utilizing the pricing tables below and our banking details.)

By purchasing a tour ticket, you directly financially contribute to promising entrepreneurs, and create awareness of their important work, thereby helping socio-economically blend a highly divided city.


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Full-Day Tour incl. Transport

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Browse what a full-day 9am-3/4pm tour looks like…


Morning Experience

Neighborhood Walking Tour: ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’

Seeing is believing. Visiting the sites where the entrepreneur’s personal transformation took place and hearing their stories is a powerful act. A walkabout through a neighborhood is, furthermore, a great way to start gaining an understanding of a contemporary township entrepreneur’s milieu and lifeworld, the challenges and the opportunities alike.

Morning Itinerary

09h00 - 09h30 | Meet & Greet + Orientation @ participants’ hotel or home

09h30 - 10h00 | Travel to Langa

10h00 - 10h15 | Greeting + Icebreaker Activity

10h15 - 11h45 | ‘Walk Down Memory Lane’ neighborhood walkabout
(including a visit to the entrepreneur’s place of work and/or residence)

11h45 - 12h00 | Grace/Free Time
(e.g. • discuss what you’ve just observed and experienced • take photos • exchange contacts)

Includes: • Numerous authentic stories told by the entrepreneur • Visit to the entrepreneur’s place of work and/or residence, amongst a handful of other pitstops • ‘Step-on, step-off’ Transportation Services • Bottle of Water

Most Likely Sector(s): • Social Services & Social Justice • Green Economy


African Fusion Lunch with a Restaurant Founder

The most tender and zesty stories get shared over a meal. You’ll be floored by some of the stories our Food Business entrepreneurs have to tell.

Midday Itinerary

12h00 - 12h15 | Travel to one of Langa’s outstanding restaurants

12h15 - 13h45 | Lunch + Stories from Restaurant’s founder

Includes: • Time with restaurant’s founder to converse and hear stories • One item off the menu per person.

Sector(s) experienced: • Food Business

Afternoon Experience

African Zumba Class

No where else can you experience a Zumba class remixed for Africa, alongside a youth dance group. Try your hand (and foot) at some of the local styles: African Dance, Afro-Fusion, Kasi Jive, Pantsula, Kwela, Traditional Xhosa & Traditional Tswana. Prepare to break a sweat in this exhilarating aerobic experience.

Afternoon Itinerary

13h45 - 14h00 | Travel to final Langa experience

14h00 - 14h15 | Greeting + Icebreaker Activity

14h15 - 15h15 | African Zumba Class with a youth dance group

15h15 - 15h30 | Grace/Free Time
(e.g. • Watch choreographed dance piece • play djembe drums • take photos • exchange contacts)

15h30 - 16h00 | Travel out of Langa + Drop-Offs

Includes: • PA System Hire • Private Venue Hire • African fabric and beads to optionally adorn yourself • Youngsters from a local song-and-dance youth club whom you’ll be moving and grooving alongside.

Sector(s) experienced
: • Youth Development • The Arts & Design

Wanting to tweek the programme?

It's absolutely possible to thematize your immersion tour to a certain sector or interest, or mix and match experiences. Please note a small customization fee applies in addition to the fee schedule set out herein.

Contact us.

Meet the Entrepreneurs

Your Guide

Jason Woolf

Tourism company founded: SidebySide Township Development
Other companies guiding for: Ilios Travel, (miscellaneous freelance)
Tourist Guide Registration No.
: WC 10742
Provinces: Western Cape & Eastern Cape
Guiding since: 2017 (officially), 2014 (unofficially)

Did you know…

Jason and SidebySide are actively seeking Langa entrepreneurs who are registered tourist guides to apply to guide on this immersion tour. If that’s you, apply here!


Jason was born in the U.S. shortly after his South African parents immigrated to the country. He designed his own degree at New York University called Social Entrepreneurship and Cultural Revitalization, a degree with so much freedom that it allowed him to live in Khayelitsha—Cape Town’s largest township—for a year to build out Umbiyozo Foundation, the umbrella youth development organization he founded at age 17. Equipped thereafter with relative fluency in IsiXhosa, intimate knowledge of the townships, and heightened consciousness of a world and country with vast economic and cultural disparities, Jason is partnering with tourism to bridge worlds.

Jason has served numerous tourists ad hoc through Umbiyozo Foundation, but started officially guiding in 2017 once he became registered by the National Department of Tourism to guide throughout the Western Cape and Eastern Cape regions.

He feels that South Africa has the perfect blend of assets and opportunities to use tourism to become a model of global co-existence and poverty alleviation for the entire world. A nascent democracy, novel and authentic customs, and a vital, humble spirit are but a few of SA’s most special drawcards for visitors seeking to find and offer hope of a better, shared future.

Although living at home with his 95-year-old grandfather, he intends before long to move to Langa, Cape Town’s oldest township that leads the way in tourism. In his leisure time, he enjoys playing guitar and singing, playing tennis and basketball, hiking, and taking joyrides on his moped.

Fast Facts

Entrepreneur, musician, event planner, tourist guide, cultural activist
• Dual citizen of USA and South Africa
Graduated cum laude from New York University Gallatin w/ self-designed B.A. degree in “Social Entrepreneurship & Cultural Revitalization”
Registered tourist guide with Professional Drivers Permit in SA’s WC & EC provinces
Lived in Khayelitsha for a year in 2014/2015
Speaks isiXhosa semi-fluently
Umbiyozo Foundation built up over course of 7 tireless years
Featured by Global Citizen in 2014/2015
Given a TEDx talk entitled, "Imagine a Culture Revitalized" in 2014/2015



Langa, Cape Town, South Africa

Leisure:Work Scale.png



Min. 2
(If 1 PAX, he/she pays double)
Max. 50

PRICING NOTE: Tour Tickets are discounted depending on size of the group:

2 PAX: | $205 p.p. Half-Day | $245 p.p. Full-Day |
3-5 PAX: | $180 p.p. Half-Day | $220 p.p. Full-Day |
6+ PAX: | $160 p.p. Half-Day | $190 p.p. Full-Day |


2 - Half-Day
3 - Full-Day



Half-Day AM
9:00 am - standardly
8:00 am - earliest
10:00 am - latest

Half-Day PM
12:00 pm - standardly
11:30 am - earliest
2:00 pm - latest

9:00 am - standardly
8:00 am - earliest
12:00 pm - latest (12 - 6/7pm option)


4-5 hours - Half-Day
6-7 hours - Full-Day


7 Days a Week


Yes. Take a look at the menu.



Guide (and Assistant Guide for 16+ PAX group)
HD candid photoshoot & footage of immersion tour on a Google Drive folder within 24 hours (Gear: Nikon D3500 + Smart Phone Gimbal)
• A financial contribution to each entrepreneur (sliding scale depending on the size of the tour group)
Pick-up & Drop-off from/to your accommodation (anywhere if Full-Day; Central location for Half-Day)
Bottled water
African Lunch incl. 1x beverage p/p
Umbrellas for rain or shade (when needed)
Amplification (when needed)
• Zumba Class Venue hire
E-connecting service (social media account & contact exchange)


• Gratuity at Lunch
Tip for your SidebySide Guide
• Additional tips for entrepreneurs / projects met
• Beer/wine with lunch (corkage fee applies for BYOB)
• Additional beverages and/or menu items



Please note that the Walk Down Memory Lane experience is best suited for children that would manage to walk for 2-3 km. However, we can easily modify the walking route or intermittently use the vehicle for clients needing it (e.g. young children and the elderly).

There is currently no discount available for children.



Comfortable clothing. Feel free to bring your iPhones and Galaxy’s.
Note: Avoid overly ostentatious attire (e.g. expensive jewellery), however, please do wear clothes that you feel proud of and confident in.

You can read more info on what to bring for the:
Walking Tour



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