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Do something out of the box. Do something life-changing. Do a SidebySide Experience. Mix and match your favourites for a customized immersion tour, or choose an existing immersion tour, like Blend the City: Langa. We love customizing experiences, so bounce your ideas off us!

Our reviews are outstanding. That’s because we go the extra mile to give you a socially impactful and premium experience: Entrepreneurial guides to accompany you, HD photos/videos of you in action, roundtrip transport, & slow-paced interactions are our hallmarks.

Together, side by side, we’re reversing the voyeuristic, poverty-porn-style township tourism that unfortunately still (somehow) prevails in Cape Town up to this very day and supporting township entrepreneurs in the process.



Introducing Cape Town’s most talented, innovative and inspiring township entrepreneurs. We’ve partnered with them to host incredibly memorable and moving experiences with you. We know dozens upon dozens of amazing creators out in the townships. Let us know who you’d be into meeting and we’ll make it happen the coolest way possible—through hands-on, immersive, authentic experiences that create deep bonds and foster ‘side by side’ personal & business development.

About Us


Hear the SidebySide story with this 6-minute video, including how founder Jason Woolf moved into Khayelitsha, the state of mass tourism and inequality, and huge hope for the future:

SidebySide Township Development

WE ARE: A premium, socially responsible tour company offering interactive and experience-based tours that powerfully introduce you to township communities’ most inspiring entrepreneurs. Curate a bespoke immersion tour around your interests or select a package.

OUR MISSION: Make deeply connecting with the most inspiring entrepreneurs from low-income communities in the city you’re visiting an effortless process, with a view to catalyze a wave of entrepreneurship in those communities and bridge the legacy Apartheid divide.


Based in Cape Town, South Africa, we're bringing Global North and Global South together, side by side.

• We think no visit to Cape town is complete without experiencing the talent, innovation and inspiration of the townships.
• We’re making that talent, innovation and inspiration readily accessible through our online marketplace and unlocking it through our management and implementation services.
• Anything from a small dinner in the townships to a mega conference, we do it with excellence.



You’re enabling really smart entrepreneurs to showcase what they do to people that ordinarily would never get a chance to see it. I was really taken aback by how entrepreneurial the people we were brought to were. I want to get my daughter to come do this.
— Zachariah George | Fast Company South Africa May 2018 issue cover photo (Startupbootcamp Afritech)

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