Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions last updated 2019/06/03 and remain valid indefinitely into the future:

  1. 2019 Validity Dates.
    The 2019 prices listed in the above tables are valid through 2019/12/31.

  2. 2020 Validity Dates.
    Early 2020 prices are valid between 2020/01/01 – 2020/04/30.

  3. 2020 Prices.
    Viewable in Pricing Tables. Early 2020 prices are simply the 2019 prices increased by 4.7%, the annual inflation rate.

  4. Tour Availability Days.
    Daily (7 days a week)

  5. 50% Downpayment Schedule.
    50% of the amount payable is due 30 days prior to departure. Downpayment secures the booking through to the Balance Due Date.

  6. 50% Balance Payment Schedule.
    Balance of remaining 50% is due strictly 5 weekdays prior to departure date. Failure to pay the balance on time, as per Due Date on invoice received, renders the tour subject to cancellation or postponement.

  7. Late Requests.
    We welcome booking requests made under 36 hours before the requested pick-up time. However, please do not promise the tour to your co-travelers until SidebySide has sent confirmation, as tours depend on the availability of partner entrepreneurs. The more notice we receive, the more precisely we are able to accommodate your specific itinerary requests. Hence the aforementioned Payment Schedule.

  8. Cancellation Policy & Fee Schedule.
    SidebySide is a small company and unfortunately cannot offer full refunds. Please be advised of the following fee schedule:

    1. 10% of the full tariff - beyond two weeks prior to departure date

    2. 20% of the full tariff - within two weeks prior to departure date

    3. 50% of the full tariff - within one week prior to departure date

    4. 75% of the full tariff - within 48 hours prior to departure date

    5. 100% of the full tariff - within 24 hours prior to departure date

    Cancellations must be made in writing; Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
    Weather-related cancellations are no exception to the above fee schedule.

  9. VAT (South African Tax)
    All prices account for VAT. SidebySide Township Development Group (PTY) LTD is not a VAT-registered company, and therefore is not required to charge VAT. 100% of US Dollars received are transferred to SidebySide’s South African bank within 30 days of receipt, as per PayPal regulations, compliance with which renders SidebySide with no tax obligations to the IRS.

  10. In-Person Payments.
    The Payment Schedule set out in points 5 and 6 herein standardly applies. However, same-day payments of the invoice balance may potentially be made in-person with ZAR cash or Foreign cash (N.B. see sub-point below), provided SidebySide has confirmed this in writing. The guide always possesses a mobile WiFi router and assists guests make payment from the pick-up point in the event of last-minute bookings. The guide will only depart the pick-up point once proof of payment has been received.

    1. Foreign Cash Conversion Fees. (+8.9% built into price tag)
      Guests are welcome to pay for their tour with cash from their home country. The 8.9% fee remains, such that the price remains the same as paying via PayPal, and so to cover the costs associated with exchanging the currency into ZAR.

  11. Fixed US Dollar Pricing. (R11 to $1 USD)
    (Only applicable if paying in a foreign currency via PayPal) Given exchange rate fluctuations, R11 to $1 USD is set as SidebySide's fixed exchange rate through 2020/04/30. Quotes, invoices and payments made in currencies other than ZAR are calculated as: {ZAR price (as per ZAR pricing tables)} ÷ {11} × {the current exchange rate of the applicable currency to the USD$}.

  12. Wire Transfer Fees. (Rand list price + R750 flat fee)
    Guests are welcome to pay for their tour in Rands (at the prices set out in the Rand pricing tables) by international wire transfer if they prefer. The amount payable is calculated as:
    {ZAR price (as per ZAR pricing tables)} + {R750 ZAR}.